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Grand Pree Record audio record


Grand Pree Record audio record

Object information

Physical description

Disc with track grooves, no playing speed information. Label at centre with dark blue swan on red background with text 'GRAND PREE RECORD'. Tracks ' HORSES / WILLY WOOD' and 'SO IS YOUR OLD LADY / WOOD and TURNER'. Brown paper sleeve customised with colour print of Edwardian woman playing violin in front of orchestra with title below ' "A VIOLIN CONCERTO" BY JOHN GULICH.' Attached over classical design with text ' "BROADCAST / De Luxe" ' and notes in ink of titles and composers with name at bottom 'PEGGY COCHRANE'. Heavy damage on two edges.

Statement of significance

The Rev. J.W. Schomberg Collection consists of a home-made gramophone, four boxes of gramophone needles and thirty-five records, all dating from the early 1930s. The gramophone's cabinet was constructed by Junius Schomberg, from silky oak wood, in imitation of those available through retailers in the early 1930s. What is most unusual about this gramophone is that Schomberg has used a giant whelk shell as an amplifier, hidden within the cabinet.

Between August 1921 and his sudden death on 5 February 1936 at the age of forty-five, Junius was superintendent of the Mission for Pacific Islands and based at the Torres Strait mission of St Paul's on Moa Island. The collection's significance lies in its close association with the Schomberg family's time on Moa. The collection demonstrates Junius's resourcefulness and adaptability and the broader cultural life of a missionary at this time.

Object information

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