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  • Hilda Creager collection no. 1(254)

    Baking tin for tarts
    Baking dish
    Rug needle
    Small metal bottle opener
  • Aboriginal Arts Board collection no. 2(4603)

    Child's drawing -  'The frog singing' by Dominica Katjirr age16, St Francis Xavier School, Daly River NT
    Child's drawing - A legend about the snake by Heather Joseph, Yalata SA
    Child's drawing
    Child's drawing
  • Wal Hick collection(20)

    United Grand Lodge of New South Wales (UGLNSW) By-Laws of Lodge Leopold No 128, Narrandera
    United Grand Lodge of New South Wales (UGLNSW) Clearance Certificate, Lodge Ibis No 361 for Herbert Walter Murri Hick
    First Degree
    United Grand Lodge of New South Wales (UGLNSW) By Laws of Lodge Ibis No 361, Griffith

    The Wal Hicks Collection includes three Protestant Alliance Friendly Society collars, an Independent Order of Odd Fellows collar and long-service jewel plus supporting documentation. These items of regalia were worn by Ernest Wilkinson, his son-in-law Herbert Hick and, his grandson Wal Hick, at various times. Ernest was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at Narrandera from about 1911 to at least 1939, whilst the Hicks, father and son, were members of Protestant Alliance Friendly Society Lodge 194 (Griffith) from the 1930s to 1965/66 and 1957 to 1962, respectively.

    The first Australian friendly societies ~ essentially mutual benefit societies ~ were established in the 1830s. By the end of the 19th century they were an important part of Australian social life with their total expenditure on charity works being greater than that of all colonial governments and voluntary organisations. Their objective was to create a measure of financial security for working people, particularly in times of illness or the death of a family member. These benefits were provided at a time before governments provided such support. The fraternal side of their activity effectively ended with the compulsory Medibank scheme, introduced in 1975. Some disappeared altogether whilst others moved into new areas of financial activity.

  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 1(7624)

    Photographic postcard of the Melbourne Olympic Swimming Pool, 1956
    The Bridge, Mosman's Bay, Sydney
    Postcard featuring photograph of Sydney's rock bound shore
    Beach & Picnic Reserve Cronulla N.S.W.
  • Fiona MacDonald Brand collection(8)

    Home made holder for picking up hot objects
    Pair of brown leather lace-up boots with a rubber sole
    Aluminium plate
    Billy can
  • Timothy Millett collection(313)

    Convict love token from James Pratt, 1836
    Convict love token engraved with the initials R.T. and C.S., 1833
    Convict love token from J.M., 1838
    Convict love token from A. Woolley, Manchester, 1804

    The Timothy Millett collection comprises 307 convict love tokens dating from 1762 to 1856, and seven contemporary documents relating to the criminal justice system including: recommendations to commute the death sentences of Hester Sampson and Thomas Hayes to life transportation; a calendar of prisoners awaiting trial in the goals of Durham, Newcastle and Northumberland; a request to the Middlesex assizes for rewards to be paid; a printed copy of George Skene's last speech prior to execution; a printed broadside listing prisoners in Dorchester jail awaiting transportation; and a 60 page handwritten account of the life of Thomas Jones, who was transported twice and finally hanged at Winchester Prison in 1856.

    Convict love tokens, typically made from smoothed-down coins and engraved or stippled with a message, derive from traditional sailors' farewells. The production of these 'leaden hearts' rose as criminal indictments increased in Britain, with the majority produced during the 1820s and 1830s. As mementos made by or for convicts facing transportation (or death) to leave behind for their loved ones, the tokens provide a poignant, personal insight into the transportation system.

  • Stan Mitchell collection(1321)

    Stone knife and sheath
    Firestick set
  • WS Kalf collection(42)

    Photographic print depicting a close view of the front of a house
    Photographic print depicting a front view of a house
    Photograph depicting a couple in a lounge room
    Photographic print depicting a front view of a house