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  • Bill Elliott's Agua Caliente Racebook (Phar Lap) collection(2)

    Official Program Agua Caliente Jockey Club
    Sepia photograph of Bill Elliott riding Phar Lap

    This collection consists of the Official Program for the Agua Caliente Jockey Club for 20 March 1932, inscribed by Phar Lap's jockey, Bill Elliott. Elliott rode Phar Lap in the famous horse's last race, the Agua Caliente Handicap, just prior to the champion's death in the United States.

    Phar Lap's name is still readily recognised by large numbers of Australians. He is one of Australia's best known sporting heroes. He remains a legend. His racing prowess, reflected in numerous wins in major Australian races in 1929-31 and victory in the 1930 Melbourne Cup, have left him permanently established in Australia's sporting mythology. Phar Lap's staying power, humble bloodlines and consistent wins against heavy handicaps made him a favourite among enormous numbers of Australians battling during the Depression. The horse's death under suspicious circumstances in California, just after the Agua Caliente victory, had a huge impact at the time and served to make Phar Lap's reputation even more powerful and permanent.

  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 1(7553)

    Aboriginals, Albany WA, Entrance, Princess Royal Harbour, Albany WA, King River, Albany WA
    Postcard featuring a coloured printed scene of German and French flags flying side by side.
    Court House, Town Hall and School of Art, Bowral
    Reserve and Bowling Green, Newcastle, N.S.W
  • Professor Peter Spearritt collection no. 2(185)

    Ayers Rock honey
    Pennant commemorating the Royal Visit 1954
    Ayers Rock fruit salad
    Welcome to our Royal Visitors 1954

    The Professor Peter Spearritt collection No. 2 is divided into four categories; British Royal Family memorabilia, Australian Republic Movement material, T-shirts with Indigenous motifs and anti-logging material. The British Royal Family memorabilia category predominantly relates to Queen Elizabeth II's 1954 tour of Australia. The items were specifically collected by the vendor for the 1993 exhibition entitled Australians and the Monarchy. The Australian Republic Movement material was also featured in this exhibition. The Indigenous motifs t-shirts and the anti-logging material were collected for the 1992 exhibition Lie of the Land. Both exhibitions were jointly created by the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney and the National Centre for Australian Studies at Monash University. Professor Spearritt was the head curator of both exhibitions.

  • J B Young Ltd collection(228)

    Meaghers store -  two storey brick building
    Letter to the National Retail Merchants Association declining the Association's invitation to an Awards Luncheon
    Canberra retailer to receive international award
    International award to firm
  • Springfield - Faithfull Family collection(3501)

    Florence Faithfull seated sitting on a step next to a small terrier
    Envelope addressed to Miss Lilian Faithfull, Springfield, Goulburn
    The Crown Prince of Johore and Equerry at the Coppice Coal Mines Cannock Chase
    Black and white photograph of Florence Faithfull at Springfield on Lilian Faithfull's wedding day

    The Springfield Collection comprises about 1550 artefacts from Springfield station, south of Goulburn. It includes colonial era costume, a bushranger medal, surveying instruments, a late-19th century landau, firearms and edged weapons, wool samples and Joseph Foveaux's pocket watch and bible. The objects are complemented by over 400 photographs. This diverse collection reflects the growth and economic success of the property, responses to changes in the wool market and the daily lives of the people who have lived on Springfield.

    Springfield has grown from a 518-hectare land grant given to William Pitt Faithfull in 1828 to the current 3183 hectares with ownership remaining in the one family. William Pitt Faithfull established the Springfield Merino Stud in 1838 with ten rams selected from the Macarthur Camden Park stud. The stud evolved slowly over the years until the early 1950s when, under the management of Jim Maple-Brown, a scientific approach to wool-growing was adopted and the stud's name was changed to Fonthill to reflect this.

  • David Allen medals collection(111)

    Kerang Agricultural & Pastoral Society 1885 'Chaff Cutter'
    Hawkesbury District Agricultural Society 1883 'Best Coaching Stallion'
    Northern Agricultural Association 1895 'Pair of Ponies'
    Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia 1903 'Suffolk Punch Entire'
  • Nettie McColive collection(189)

    Patchwork quilt formed in a mosaic pattern of squares and pentagons

    Needlework has been an important creative outlet for women throughout Australian history. This work has often been denigrated due to the (gendered) divide between high and low culture which regards domestic work as trivial, feminine and unworthy of the title "Art". A reassessment of history informed by womens' history and feminism has led to domestic needlework being acknowledged as more than simply functional labour. The social role of this type of work is now better appreciated making it a vital aspect of domestic material culture.

    This collection consists of objects relating to the life of Minetta (Nettie) McColive (nee Huppatz). Mrs McColive's quilts form the centre piece of the collection. Three of these were made in the 1930's, the Farm Life Quilt, Wildflowers Quilt and the International Quilt. Also featured in the collection are certificates, photographs and d'oyleys. This collection helps to document issues such as women in rural Australia, quilting and needlework, education in the outback, community or commemorative quilting, shows and competitions.

    Mrs McColive's work has been the subject of considerable interest both in South Australia as well as in the general quilting community. Her work is featured in two books, Jennifer Isaac's The Gentle Arts and Margaret Rolfe's Patchwork Quilts in Australia. Her work has also featured in exhibitions such as the Quilt Australia '88 exhibition as well as an exhibition held in Prospect showcasing the work of local artists.

  • Springfield Merino Stud collection(166)

    Champion Prize card awarded at the Murrumbidgee Annual Show, 1887
    Special Prize card awarded at the Murrumbidgee Annual Show, Wagga Wagga, 1887