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  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 1(7553)

    Bundanoon Gully, NSW
    Making permanent works Powlett Railway. July 1910. Hustwayte's Cutting. Kilcunda
    Sassafras Gully, Victoria
    New Norfolk near Hobart, Tasmania
  • Springfield - Faithfull Family collection(3501)

    Hand drawn plan of a house
    The Tourist.
    Loch Scaraig Skye
    Pencil sketch depicting a landscape

    The Springfield Collection comprises about 1550 artefacts from Springfield station, south of Goulburn. It includes colonial era costume, a bushranger medal, surveying instruments, a late-19th century landau, firearms and edged weapons, wool samples and Joseph Foveaux's pocket watch and bible. The objects are complemented by over 400 photographs. This diverse collection reflects the growth and economic success of the property, responses to changes in the wool market and the daily lives of the people who have lived on Springfield.

    Springfield has grown from a 518-hectare land grant given to William Pitt Faithfull in 1828 to the current 3183 hectares with ownership remaining in the one family. William Pitt Faithfull established the Springfield Merino Stud in 1838 with ten rams selected from the Macarthur Camden Park stud. The stud evolved slowly over the years until the early 1950s when, under the management of Jim Maple-Brown, a scientific approach to wool-growing was adopted and the stud's name was changed to Fonthill to reflect this.

  • Swan Richards collection(7)

    Baggy green cricket cap with embroidered coat of arms on the front, worn by Greg Chappell
    Australian One-Day International Cricket Team baggy yellow cap, worn by wicket keeper Rod Marsh
    Pair of wicket keeper's leather gloves
    Gray-Nicolls cricket bat used by captain of the Australian Cricket Team, Greg Chappell, from 1981-1983

    The Swan Richards collection consists of seven items relating to Australian cricket in the twentieth century. It includes Bill O'Reilly's NSW Sheffield Shield blazer, Rod Marsh's wicket keeping gloves and one day international cap, Greg Chappell's Australian Test cap and cricket bat and Wally Grout's wicket keeping gloves and world record 8-catch ball mounted as a trophy.

    Robert 'Swan' Richards, a well known cricket identity and recipient of the Australian Sports Medal in 2000, collected these objects during his career as a cricket bat maker and businessman. The items in the collection relate to the history of Australian cricket from the end of the Second World War to the 1980s. During these five decades cricket changed immensely, from a game played by amateur sportsmen to one played by professional sportsmen in a commercial atmosphere.

  • Diana Boyer collection(137)

    Sketchbook, Diana Boyer
    'Time Change'
    'CROPPING Bobbara' postcard pack, by Diana Boyer
    'Time Change'

    The Diana Boyer collection comprises artworks, annotated sketches and other recordings of life on 'Bobbara Creek', a rural property in the Binalong district of southern NSW, between 1981 and 2007. There are twenty eight items and groups of items in the collection. All are in good condition.

    This collection records the imaginative and emotional processes by which Diana Boyer, a migrant from Argentina, settled in an Australian place. The artworks, sketchbooks and other items show Diana's engagement with the ecological particularities of the Binalong district, and with significant issues arising from the social and economic dynamics of colonial history and the present. The items record Diana's exploration of a range of topics related to her life and work on 'Bobbara Creek', including Aboriginal dispossession, the representation of rural women, the value of biological diversity, the broader implications of introducing genetically modified canola to Australia, and the possible consequences of global warming for Australian agriculture.

  • Woodleigh Shorthorn Stud collection(85)


    The Woodleigh Shorthorn Stud Collection is an extensive collection of trophies, ribbons, medals, badges, prize certificates, showing equipment and stud cattle photographs. The items are associated with a beef shorthorn stud established by the Davis family of the Corowa district in the early 1950s, and are in good condition.

    These objects record a recent expression of a long tradition of showing stud livestock at agricultural shows in Australia and Britain. Stud competitions at annual shows in Australian cities and regional centres enabled the gradual improvement of sheep and cattle herds. Shorthorn cattle proved adaptable and hardy in Australia, and became one of the dominant breeds. The Woodleigh Shorthorn Stud Collection helps to record the successful establishment of the shorthorn breed in Australia and the role of agricultural shows in enabling the improvement of cattle breeds. The collection also reflects the dramatic changes experienced by the rural sector in the second half of the twentieth century as tightening economic conditions forced many rural families, including the Davis family, to sell their properties.

  • Mary Ellerslie Massey collection(28)

    Black, velvet spotted, full length, short sleeved dress
    Beige linen driving jacket
    Black fur and wool driving hat
    Beige silk driving jacket

    This collection includes a suite of eighteen items of womens' clothing and accessories typical of Edwardian fashion (1900 -c.1914). Particular Edwardian items include two black skirt and blouse sets, two blouses, a petticoat, two evening dresses, two driving jackets and driving hats, an opera jacket, a parasol and a pair of gloves. A linen nursing pinafore, two items of infant's clothing and a flapper's dress are also included. All items, except the flapper's dress, are in excellent condition.

    The wearer of the Edwardian clothing and nursing pinafore was a Tasmanian woman named Mary Massey. She was the matron-in-charge at a quarantine hospital during the 1903 smallpox out break in Launceston. The clothing in the collection reflects Mary's comfortable station in life, a range of activities undertaken by her, and her competance outside the domestic realm.

  • J B Young Ltd collection(228)

    Grace Bros Annual General Meeting form of proxy
    Telegram sent to J B Young Limited for the attention of J Colman
    Printed letter from GRACE BROS. HOLDINGS LIMITED to the shareholders in J B Young Holdings Limited
    National Retail Merchants Association certificate of commendation presented to J B Young Limited
  • American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land (AASEAL) collection(218)

    Sculpture - wood
    Cylindrical basket
    Weapon - Spearthrower