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  • Barry Cranston collection(7)

    Custom-made hay baling hooks
    Custom-made hay baling hook
    Oil painting of hay truck by Barry Cranston
    Custom-made hay baling hook

    The collection consists of four hand-turned baling hooks, a pair of custom-made leather chaps, an oil painting by the donor, and photographs of the Cranston family's hay-carting heritage

    The pioneering ingenuity of Australian farmers to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems resulted in some of the first agricultural and farming implements and machinery to be devised in Australia. The Barry Cranston collection is an important addition to the Museum's representation of Australian farm labour and associated industries. It references the ingenuity of individual manual labourers in the face of increasing mechanisation of agricultural practices.

  • E Redlich collection(24)

    Consignment note addressed to Mr E Redlich from the Jinke River Mission dated the 6 December 1961
    Typed invoice addressed to Mr E Redlich from the Church Missionary Society dated the 10 July 1956.
  • Australian Survey Office collection no. 2(54)

    Case for a Kullberg No 1332 chronometer
    Kullberg No 1332 chronometer in a wooden case
    Kullberg Chronometer No 1332
    Sun Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rule in black box
  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 1(7553)

    The Colonial House Museum, Garrison Church
    Best Wishes from Your Friends
    View from Railway Tower, Sydney
    Artesian Bore, Australia
  • J B Young Ltd collection(228)

    Letter from the National Retail Merchants Association to J B Young advising of their nomination for an International Community Service certificate of commendation
    Printed letter from GRACE BROS. HOLDINGS LIMITED to the shareholders in J B Young Holdings Limited
    Telegram sent to J B Young Limited for the attention of J Colman
    Copy of the chairman's address to the 1981 Annual General Meeting of Grace Bros Holdings Limited
  • Eric J Treloar collection(56)

    Curriculum Vitae listing the education and employment history of W H Treloar
    Employment reference for W H Treloar from McDonald's Motor Works and Garage, Hamilton
    Training agreement between W H Treloar and L Bleriot
    Crick - Australian Bleriot pupil, Treloar - Australian Bleriot extended course pupil, Cooper - Bleriot pupil Australian, and Stutt - Bristol Instructor Australian

    The collection consists of 56 items related to the career and interests of William Harold Treloar, including photographs, magazines, newspaper clippings, documents and a cartoon by Tom Shield. The material was donated his son Eric J Treloar, and is drawn from Harold Treloar's employment and flight training before the First World War, and his commercial flying activities in Australia after the war.

    Born in Hamilton, Victoria in 1889, Harold Treloar was employed as a driver for Young Bros Auctioneers in Horsham from 1908, and then a motor mechanic and driver at McDonaldÂ?s Garage in Hamilton from 1911. During 1912-13, Treloar was employed as a mechanic and driver at the Ballarat Motor Works. Treloar developed an interest in aviation and travelled to England where he was accepted as a pupil at the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company Limited in June 1914 for training in piloting and maintenance of aircraft. Treloar continued his training at the Point Cook aviation school after enlisting with the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) in 1914, and began service with the Australian Flying Corps (AFC) in 1915. Treloar was one of the first members of the AFC to enter war service as part of the Â?Half FlightÂ? sent to assist the Indian Government against Turkish forces in April 1915. In August 1915, Treloar was reported missing and then confirmed a prisoner of war, remaining in captivity until November 1918. After returning to Australia, Treloar explored a number of commercial aviation interests, entering aerial races and offering joy flights during tours of Victoria and parts of New South Wales. He was employed as an aviation officer for the British Imperial Oil Company Ltd in Adelaide, a subsidiary of the Shell Transport and Trading Company (becoming the Shell Company of Australia Ltd in 1927), from 1920 to 1940.

  • National Sports Information Centre collection(37)

    American and NSW women swimmers at Toowoomba, Queensland, 1911
    Black and white photograph of US swimmers Leslie Bunyan, Charlotte Boyle, Alice Lord and Ethelda Bleibtrey
    Black and white photograph of Randwick Junior Rugby Union Football Club, 2nd Grade Runners-Up, 1920
    Black and white photograph of US swimmers and twins, Ruth and Eleanor Smith
  • Dr Helen M Wurm collection no. 5(60)

    Bark painting 'Rainbow snake in the stone country of Gumadir' by Yirawala, Croker Island, 1968
    Bark painting 'A mam or namandi spirit in Margolidjban' by Dick Nguleingulei Murrumurru, Gunbalanya, 1968
    Bark painting 'The mimi man Normogormo on his way from Majong to Guriba' by Bobby Barrdjaray Nganjmirra, Gunbalanya, 1968