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  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 1(7553)

    Portland Cement works office, NSW
    Pennington Gardens, Adelaide, SA
    Government House
    Mirror Pool, St George River, Lorne, Vic
  • Aboriginal Arts Board collection no. 2(561)

    Bark painting depicting a totemic crocodile by Yirawala, Croker Island, 1965
    'Travels of Mala the Hare Wallaby', painted by Timmy Tjugudai Tjungurrayi, 1981
    Glazed ceramic bowl with a narrow base
    'Yumari', painted by Uta Uta Tjangala, 1978
  • Mary Ellerslie Massey collection(28)

    Black, velvet spotted, full length, short sleeved dress
    Beige linen driving jacket
    Black fur and wool driving hat

    This collection includes a suite of eighteen items of womens' clothing and accessories typical of Edwardian fashion (1900 -c.1914). Particular Edwardian items include two black skirt and blouse sets, two blouses, a petticoat, two evening dresses, two driving jackets and driving hats, an opera jacket, a parasol and a pair of gloves. A linen nursing pinafore, two items of infant's clothing and a flapper's dress are also included. All items, except the flapper's dress, are in excellent condition.

    The wearer of the Edwardian clothing and nursing pinafore was a Tasmanian woman named Mary Massey. She was the matron-in-charge at a quarantine hospital during the 1903 smallpox out break in Launceston. The clothing in the collection reflects Mary's comfortable station in life, a range of activities undertaken by her, and her competance outside the domestic realm.

  • J Davidson collection no. 3(319)

    Bark painting depicting the log on which Barama floated to Gangan by Garwirrin Gumana, Yirrkala, 1965
    Bark painting depicting six crabs by Tom Djawa, Milingimbi, 1965
    Painting depicting a crocodile, by David Milaybuma
  • Fred Daly collection(476)

    Photograph of Bill Hayden and Fred Daly outside Parliament House
    Album containing 109 pages photographs of Fred Daly with various people at a variety of events and places
    Ben Chifley and the First Holden
    Photograph of Bill Hayden and Fred Daly
  • Hilda Creager collection no. 1(254)

    Round, pale pink velvet powder applicator with a pink ribbon hand holder
    Letter written by Hilda Creager to her father
    Small pale blue painted wooden commode chair for a child

    Small, clear glass juicer with rectangular holes

  • Ruby Lee collection(134)

    Handwritten poem
    Handwritten note about friendship
    Handwritten note
    Handwritten note by Betty Russell
  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 6(9)

    You love them - Fight for them!
    An advertising sign for Pelaco shirts, collars and pyjamas.
    Don't Falter, Go and meet the Hun menace
    Poster advertising 'To Western Australia by Trans-Australian Railway'

    This collection consists of 10 excellent examples of Australian advertising posters. Artists represented include Percy Tromf, James Northfield, Norman Lindsay and May Gibbs . The majority of the posters were produced as lithographs.

    The poster as a form of advertising was popular in Australian throughout the twentieth century, particularly before the age of radio and television. The posters in this particular collection document a number of different types of advertising campaigns including war time recruitment, public health and safety, product endorsement and railway travel.