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  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 1(7551)

    Cliff House Hotel, Bondi Beach
    St Michael's (C of E) Vaucluse N.S.W.
    Man, woman, and a young girl
    Black and white photographic postcard of Promenade, Bondi Beach, Sydney N.S.W.
  • ET Fealy collection(248)

    Bread carter's book
    National Security (Man Power) Regulations 1943
  • Terence Lane collection(138)

    Souvenir banner commemorating the visit to Australia by the Duke and Duchess of York to mark the Federation of Australia in 1901
    The Age Centenary Test Lift Out Friday
    Clear glass bowl to commemorate Australia's Centenary in 1888
    Japanese porcelain condiment set, featuring a mustard pot flanked by a salt and pepper shaker, in the form of three kangaroos on a shaped plinth

    This collection consists of approximately 180 objects of Australiana, predominantly featuring the kangaroo. It encompasses a wide range of styles produced in Australia and overseas over a period of 150 years. The collection is diverse and includes decorative art objects, such as a Doulton umbrella stand, as well as an assortment of ephemera from several postcards to a matchbox.

    This collection has been amassed by Terence Lane, a former Senior Curator of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria over a period of 20 years. During this period, many of the items collected were not in high demand. However, they have since become eagerly sought and the result is a collection which has increased in cultural value. It is considered the best collection of kangaroo theme items in Australia.

  • Springfield - Faithfull Family collection(3501)

    Lock of grey hair
    Side saddle
    One-piece black satin and chiffon dress with beaded applique
    The Tourist.

    The Springfield Collection comprises about 1550 artefacts from Springfield station, south of Goulburn. It includes colonial era costume, a bushranger medal, surveying instruments, a late-19th century landau, firearms and edged weapons, wool samples and Joseph Foveaux's pocket watch and bible. The objects are complemented by over 400 photographs. This diverse collection reflects the growth and economic success of the property, responses to changes in the wool market and the daily lives of the people who have lived on Springfield.

    Springfield has grown from a 518-hectare land grant given to William Pitt Faithfull in 1828 to the current 3183 hectares with ownership remaining in the one family. William Pitt Faithfull established the Springfield Merino Stud in 1838 with ten rams selected from the Macarthur Camden Park stud. The stud evolved slowly over the years until the early 1950s when, under the management of Jim Maple-Brown, a scientific approach to wool-growing was adopted and the stud's name was changed to Fonthill to reflect this.

  • Professor Henry and Luise Krips collection(65)

    Kimberley point
    Kimberley point
    Kimberley point
    Kimberley point
  • Dr Herbert Basedow collection(424)

    Glass plate negative - Katherine River, Northern Territory, photographed by Herbert Basedow, 1922
    Film negative - Indigenous man shepherding goats and sheep, near Oodnadatta, South Australia, photographed by Herbert Basedow, 1903
    Lantern slide - Pitjantjatjara man, central Australia, photographed by Herbert Basedow, 1920-1924
    Glass plate negative - Station hands butchering a beast, Victoria River Downs station, Northern Territory, photographed by Herbert Basedow, 1922
  • J B Young Ltd collection(228)

    International award to firm
    Canberra retailer to receive international award
    Photograph of the interior of J B Youngs Canberra store
    Program for the official opening of J.B Young Limited, Queanbeyan, May 23 1956
  • Charles Hart collection(489)

    Mourning disc
    Triangular apron made of a length of melaleuca bark folded in half from Melville or Bathurst Island
    Model of bark canoe from Melville or Bathurst Island