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  • Ellarose Savage collection no.1(4)

    'Susu Shell' by Ellarose Savage, 2009
    'Susu Shell III' by Ellarose Savage, 2009
    'Susu Shell II' by Ellarose Savage, 2009
    'Susu Shell IV' by Ellarose Savage, 2009

    This collection consists of a series of four lino prints on paper titled 'Susu Shell Suite'. The artist, Ella-Rose Savage, is from Erub Island in the Torres Strait. Susu shell is the Torres Strait Creole name for Trochus shell. Ella-Rose accompanied her father on a camping and diving trip to collect and process Trochus shells. The prints illustrate the events of the expedition and the different stages in the collection and processing of the shells.

    Trochus shells were collected for trade and jewellery and, in the post-contact period, were widely sought after for buttons. Torres Strait Islanders have a close connection with, and understanding of, the waters around their Islands. Many Islanders worked in maritime-based commercial activities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including diving for pearl and Trochus shells, gathering Beche-de-mer (Trepang) and commanding or crewing on sailing luggers. Ella-Rose Savage documents her interest in expressing her relationship with the sea and the links between her surroundings, objects and culture. These prints not only tell the story of a common secular activity but also provide representations of the modern resources used in that activity. These include the western board shorts worn by the divers, the aluminium dinghy and outboard (an iconic feature of the Torres Strait today) and the tents at the temporary processing site.

  • Enid Treadgold collection(375)

    Envelope for letter written to Will Glover and his new wife Elma to welcome them home
    Black and white promotional photograph of Uncle George of 2GB
    Letter from Phillips Electrical Industries about the company's EIIR electric light decoration for the royal visit in 1954
    Offer of Engagement for Enid Glover to play the piano accordion on an Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) programme, Monday 24th August, 1953
  • Political Humour Competition 1998 collection(129)

    The Faraway
    Scare Campaign
    Close Shave
    Dog of a Year
  • Glenn Piper collection(3)

    Paperwork associated with commemorative airmail box

    Commemorative airmail box carried in 'Faith in Australia' from Australia to New Zealand in Dec...

    Faith in Australia - Charles Ulm and Australian Aviation

    The Glenn Piper collection consists of a commemorative airmail box carried Charles Ulm in 'Faith in Australia' from Australia to New Zealand in December 1933, gifted to Lord Charles Wakefield, of the Wakefield Oil Company, from Roslyn Fostr Bowie Philp; a copy of the book 'Faith in Australia' by Ulm's secretary Ellen Rogers; and a collection of associated paperwork - including including a flyer for Castrol Oil and a page from the Antique Trade Gazette.

    On 3 December, Charles Ulm piloted his aircraft 'Faith in Australia' from Richmond aerodrome, New South Wales, to Plymouth, New Zealand, carrying his wife Mary and secretary Ellen Rogers as passengers, and a collection of unofficial airmail. After landing in Plymouth on 4 December, Mary Ulm and Rogers became the first women to fly across the Tasman Sea. Ulm then toured New Zealand, promoting the benefits of aviation and carrying the first official airmail from Auckland to Invercargill. In February 1934, Ulm returned to Australia, carrying the first official airmail from New Zealand to Australia, then making the return flight in April 1934. After taking a strong interest in aircraft, Lord Charles Wakefield developed a new engine lubricant called 'Castrol', and the Wakefield Oil Company supported numerous aviators, including sponsoring Ulm on the December 1933 flight to New Zealand.

  • George W Barber collection(47)

    Discussion poster No.61 - Can we develop our empty north? - May 15, 1950
    Discussion Poster No.49, Choosing her Job, 28 November 1949
    Discussion Poster No.26 - What's wrong with this room? -  January 10, 1949
    Discussion Poster No.42 - Trusteeship, UN stands guard over the rights of primitive people - August 22, 1949

    This collection consists of forty-six colour paper wall posters and one A5 paperback booklet, 'This Changing World: An Atlas of Current Events - No. 1: The Pacific', issued by the Commonwealth Office of Education between 1948 and 1950. The heavily-illustrated posters present simplified viewpoints about world and national events and were designed for group discussion in schools, adult education organisations, community organisations and private enterprise. The booklet is a ready reference to post-war social, political, economic and geographic data on nations in the Asia-Pacific region and Antarctica. The objects were salvaged from the Maryborough Technical School, Victoria, which provided classes for ex-service personnel under the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme (1944-1950) as well as general vocational training.

    The Commonwealth Office of Education was created in 1945 under the Chifley Government as an agency of the Department of Post-War Reconstruction. The posters and booklet provide insight into a society undergoing profound change and embody official efforts to explain Australians' socio-economic and political position. Imaging an increasingly independent Australia forging a new role in the global and regional community, the collection documents the nation's industrial expansion and social restructuring at a time of full employment, a booming population and an increasingly sophisticated urban society. It also represents the Chifley Government's drive to stimulate post-war intellectual life and to reassert the concepts of democracy, egalitarianism and social justice. The posters additionally demonstrate contemporary ideas and techniques in pedagogy and graphic design.

  • HP Moss collection(83)

    Hatchet head
    Hammerstone [stone implement]
    Hatchet head [stone implement]
    Anvil [stone implement]
  • Aboriginal Arts Board collection no. 1(17)

    'Tingarri Dreaming', painted by Charlie Tjapangati, 1981
    'Tjunyinkya', painted by Johnnie Scobie Tjapanangka and Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula, 1977
    Punyurrpungkunya', painted by Shorty Lungkarta Tjungurrayi, 1977

    Chara the Fireman

  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 1(7551)

    The Courthouse, Parramatta
    The Printing Press
    The Blue Mountains NSW Great Zig Zag
    The Lone Ranger