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  • Timothy Millett collection(313)

    Convict love token from 1830
    Convict love token from Mary Ann Whitlock, 1831
    Convict love token from W. Palmer
    Convict love token from A.B.

    The Timothy Millett collection comprises 307 convict love tokens dating from 1762 to 1856, and seven contemporary documents relating to the criminal justice system including: recommendations to commute the death sentences of Hester Sampson and Thomas Hayes to life transportation; a calendar of prisoners awaiting trial in the goals of Durham, Newcastle and Northumberland; a request to the Middlesex assizes for rewards to be paid; a printed copy of George Skene's last speech prior to execution; a printed broadside listing prisoners in Dorchester jail awaiting transportation; and a 60 page handwritten account of the life of Thomas Jones, who was transported twice and finally hanged at Winchester Prison in 1856.

    Convict love tokens, typically made from smoothed-down coins and engraved or stippled with a message, derive from traditional sailors' farewells. The production of these 'leaden hearts' rose as criminal indictments increased in Britain, with the majority produced during the 1820s and 1830s. As mementos made by or for convicts facing transportation (or death) to leave behind for their loved ones, the tokens provide a poignant, personal insight into the transportation system.

  • Australian Institute of Anatomy collection(163)

    Digging stick
  • Robin Moorhouse collection(19)

    Calling card
    Hardback accounts ledger for 1866, with green fabric cover, brown leather spine and corners
    Accounts book

    The Robin Moorhouse Collection consists of a Penfolds Wines desk set, a visitor's book, and five accounting books relating to other properties (mainly the Dalwood winery, which was taken over by Penfolds).

    Winemaking began in Australia in the first half of the nineteenth century and has developed into a major Australian industry. Wine is a significant part of Australia's domestic market and is an important export earner. It has become established as part of Australia's cultural and social life. Penfolds is one of the oldest names in this industry, and its Grange Hermitage is perhaps the most famous name in Australian wine. The collection casts important light on the development of the Australian wine industry, Penfolds in particular but also the early Dalwood winery which holds a significant place in the Australian wine story. Further, the collection relates to Australian decorative arts, accounting practices of the nineteenth century, and celebrity lifestyles of the early twentieth century.

  • American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land (AASEAL) collection(218)

    Malayan-type pigmented hollow cylindrical wood pipe with metal bowl
    Weapon - Spearthrower
    Woven pandanus fibre armband, pigmented in stripes
    painting depicts a tall rectangular object, outlined in red with a 'spout' attached at the top
  • Josef Lebovic Gallery collection no. 1(7551)

    A view on the beach, St Kilda, Vic
    Victoria Street [looking north], Bunbury, West Australia
    On the track to Sherbrooke Falls, Victoria
    S.S.Wallongbar at Jetty - Byron Bay
  • Anne Stockton collection no. 1(1158)

    View of the C.M. Customs Club at Kulangsu Amoy from the recreation ground. Aug 1921
    LCO Aumuller Powhattan, Hankow Received letter decided return Hankow, November First, Innes
    Lock Hing China Ware Store, 33 Queen's Road
    Chinese Government Radio Service radiogram
  • People's Paraphernalia collection no. 8(6)

    War Relief fundraising certificate issued to May Knowles in 1944
    Invitation to the Returning Officer for Williamstown, Mr F.H. Bolton & Lady, in the Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Thursday 9th May 1901, to witness the Opening of the Parliament of the Commonwealth
    Invitation from the Government of Victoria to Mr Bolton and Lady to attend the Royal Review at Flemington on 10 May 1901
    Invitation to the opening of the Parliament of the Commonwealth by his Royal Highness the Duke of Cornwall and York
  • Ruby Lee collection(134)

    Handwritten note
    Handwritten note by Betty Russell
    S.W.W.C.A. 1934 England Visit Australia
    Handwritten poem